I am looking for a software programming internship, during my gap year between high school and college. I picked up Java quickly and am enthusiastic about learning another programming language and expanding my knowledge of Java. The combination of being creative and problem solving in programming is just amazing to me.


Newton South High School
Newton, MA 02459
Senior Year Pre-Calculus
Graduated 2012

Accepted to University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Dartmouth, MA 02747
Accepted 2012 for fall 2013
Computer Science


Java: Creating a game in Java, Enhancing another (See details below)
Being Tutored/Mentored by Ken Arnold, author of: The Java Programming Language by Ken Arnold, James Gosling and David Holmes
GoLive website (Small site)
Hand-coded HTML website (Small site)
Adobe Illustrator (Expert)
Photoshop (Basic)
Techne (Minecraft 3d modeler)(Basic)
IntelliJ IDEA (basic Java IDE) (Proficient)

Game Details:

Catacomb Snatch:(Modified Game)
Designed and implemented a recursive random map generator
Added dynamic menus and other new GUI components
Added throttle entity generation
Added info menu about specific entities
Added multiple maps with map selector menu
Added the ability to generate entities when the map was built from an image
Added upgradeable buildings
Allowed user made maps
Made the player be able to lose the game
Variable home base locations and styles
Wrote a five page roadmap for the game
Updated textures and painting algorithms to be smoother

My Game:
Implemented player inventory
Implemented Items
Implemented Basic in-game characters
Implemented doors to go to other maps/levels
Wrote a five page roadmap for the game


Summer Camp CIT for OSAC – Backyard Camp
2 Summers working as a camp helper for 15 grade school children.
2006 and 2007


Completed the Cox ½ marathon in Providence, RI, 2011
Dreamfar Marathon team is for students of all abilities to train and run a full or 1/2 marathon. I trained in snow, rain, slush, and snow banks. I learned to give my body what it needed, pushing my physical and mental limits.


Jamie Chaloff, Dreamfar Marathon Team Founder
Contact her
Dreamfar High School Marathon Website
(617) 694-4886

Neil Johnson, Personal Reference
Contact him
(617) 213-0282

Joe OSullivan, Personal Reference
Contact him
(603) 770-0387

Ken Arnold, Technical Reference
Contact him
(617) 459-7822