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The Language of Politics in the Age of the Sequester

by Ken Arnold on Tue 26 February 2013

I have just read this column by George Lakoff on the moral reasoning of many who support the sequester cuts. This is not a sneering elite putdown, but a serious laying out of this sub-branch of the current Republican decision makers, and how they manages to reason to where they do. It is well worth […]

Symbol for an asteroid‽

by Ken Arnold on Mon 25 February 2013

In 1973, my father had an asteroid named after him: 2143 jimarnold. I mean for real, not in one of those pay-to-get-entered shyster catalogs. We recently came across the wikipedia page on astronomical symbols, and noticed that about two dozen asteroids have their own symbols. And we thought, well, why not 2143 jimarnold? It turns out that […] Automated online order tracking

by Ken Arnold on Fri 22 February 2013 is an interesting site. They track your online orders by tracking the email that sites send you about order status. You set it up by pointing it at your mailbox. It scans through looking for order-related emails. It uses those emails to know what you ordered, when, for how much, when it was shipped, […]

Book idea: History of knowledge transfer

by Ken Arnold on Wed 20 February 2013

This thing with Indian and Arabic math/astro makes me think it would be interest to read (write?) a book following that information flow. Generally speaking, we in the west have historically thought of science as starting in Classical Greece, with information from previous civilization’s math/astro (e.g., from Babylonian civilization), then after some Roman engineering stuff, […]

Indian mathematics: Aryabhata

by Ken Arnold on Wed 20 February 2013

Today’s google doodle is on Copernicus, who is credited with first proposing that the Earth moves around the Sun. Someone commenting on this claimed that Aryabhata had come up with the idea long before in India. I know that India had advanced math and astronomy for its time, and was the place where many advances were […]

3D Modeling … Feh

by admin on Mon 18 February 2013

For far too long, I’ve been building a 3D printer. That is it’s own story, in some other post. It isn’t even finished yet, and because it’s more than 10 minutes old (quite a bit more), it’s already out of date. Still, it’s nearly done, and so I’m starting to look at the next step […]