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The Iraq War and the Supportive Left

by Ken Arnold on Wed 20 March 2013

As thoughts go on the anniversary of the Iraq war, Charlie Pierce does well. It is as important to remember those on the left who supported the war, as well as those on the right. Mostly they espoused idealized versions of what the war might do, but these were fairy tales: That the war might, in fact, rework the dictator-oriented Arab countries, that it could be built as a good democracy, etc. In principle imaginable under ideal conditions, but in the actual war we were being led to, by the people who were leading us there, these outcomes were impossible — they had no intent of managing the war in that kind of way.

I think that the primary issue was cowardice: To be labelled as fearful, anti-American, unpatriotic — these fears were too strong for many both in office (starting with Hillary Clinton) and in the media (Ezra Klein is a good exemplar of this, following Kenneth Pollack).

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