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Unpatriotic Senator

by Ken Arnold on Fri 19 April 2013

Senator Lindsey Graham has said we should not read the Marathon bomber suspect his Miranda rights.

When did the U.S. justice system become incompetent to deal with radical’s cases? We’ve put away very dangerous people for our entire history. We’ve done it for the first World Trade Center bombing, and the underwear bomber.

But Sen. Graham thinks our system cannot handle it. He thinks the U.S. courts are inferior to those of other countries, who try terrorists in their court system. He thinks our constitution incapable of the basic task of bringing the most dangerous people to justice.

If he believes the constitution is only sometimes useful, that we can’t rely on the United States system for our justice, that seems deeply unpatriotic. We have a system that is uniquely structured around a set of natural rights, and the Miranda warning is part and parcel of that. Apparently Sen. Graham doesn’t believe in the fundamental basis of our rights.

[Edited to add in the link to the article in the Guardian]

5 thoughts on “Unpatriotic Senator

  1. Dave says:

    I find it more troubling that the DOJ spokesman at the press conference said that they did NOT read the guy his miranda rights.

  2. Ken Arnold says:

    The Federal Atty. who spoke at the immediate post-arrest conference seemed to say that there is an exception that can be made, and that they hadn’t *yet* read it to him but he was being treated. To me that was ambiguous — she didn’t seem to say that they wouldn’t Mirandize him before they interrogated him, I think she avoided that point entirely.

    Obama will be speaking soon, I damn sure hope to hear something definitive from him or the White House.

  3. Ken Arnold says:

    Well, it seems that they are not, in fact, reading him an exception based on the “public safety exception”, which is news to me. I have reading to do…

  4. Ken Arnold says:

    But Graham was talking bout trying an American citizen arrested on American soil for a crime committed in America as an enemy combatant, not under normal justice, which keeps him in the same doghouse.

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