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Yes, Virginia, You Can Sue the U.S. Gov’t Into Submission

by Ken Arnold on Fri 10 May 2013

The age-old tactic of out-lawyering those who you couldn’t actually beat in court — piling on the law suits and legal threats so that your opponent can’t afford to fight you, even if you’re wrong — that tactic works against the Feds.

In fact, it turns out not to be that hard. You only need to have tens of millions of dollars to hire folks with. We, the People, it turns out, are legal wimps.

Even if you’re Jeff Skilling, a creator of Enron, one of the most famous frauds in our lifetime, one that harmed not only the employees and investors, but also millions of people (remember the fake power crisis in California they invented to jack up prices?), and you were a poster child for financial nefariousness. We the People will just get tired of hassling you and being hassled back. And anyway, we can put those resources towards prosecuting all those other financial criminals.

Except we won’t. Won’t. Won’t. Won’t.

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