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Oh, Please, Please, Please… (or not)

by Ken Arnold on Tue 30 July 2013

Two interesting facts about the upcoming Senate race in Alaska: Former half-term governor Sarah Palin leads the Republican primary field Former half-term governor Sarah Palin trails the Democratic incumbent for the final race. So here’s a best case scenario: Palin runs, wins the primary, loses the general election. This means that we hold on to […]

Watching the Day Go By: Bulk Edition

by Ken Arnold on Thu 25 July 2013

The San Francisco Exploratorium has a camera on their roof watching the sky. Their film shows 360 days simultaneously, dawn to sunset. You can see the days start earlier in the summer (and end later), watch the clouds roll across the sky, days go from sunny to cloudy, all at once. It’s an entire year’s […]


by Ken Arnold on Wed 24 July 2013

I have always been confused by sexist geeks. Guy geeks have a hard enough time from people who harass them. Why would they then harass the girl gees in turn? Seriously, leaving aside the whole question of who is more likely to date a guy geek than a girl geek, just the whole “Sticking together” […]

All Hail the … whatever

by Ken Arnold on Wed 24 July 2013

A morning dose of, well, whatever this is (originally from Jef Poskanzer): This royal womb of kings, this sceptred sac, This home of majesty, this cave of Venus, This other Eden, demi-paradise, This fortress built by Nature for myself Against infection and the outside world, This happy home for me, this little world, This precious […]

Facts are so annoying…

by Ken Arnold on Mon 22 July 2013

Nate Silver has left the New York Times (moving to ESPN and ABC). Considering that he was very accurate in predicting election results, you would think they’d want to keep him, but apparently they aren’t that concerned. It seems that by proving that punditry isn’t very accurate, while analysis of facts is better, he rubbed […]