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Oh, Please, Please, Please… (or not)

by Ken Arnold on Tue 30 July 2013

Two interesting facts about the upcoming Senate race in Alaska:

  1. Former half-term governor Sarah Palin leads the Republican primary field
  2. Former half-term governor Sarah Palin trails the Democratic incumbent for the final race.

So here’s a best case scenario: Palin runs, wins the primary, loses the general election. This means that we hold on to a Senate seat otherwise at risk, and as a bonus, Palin is a clear loser, damaging what passes for her credibility.

Caveat #1: If she runs, she might win the general. That would be a disaster, at least until she resigns her Senate seat due to her being Sarah Palin. So I really shouldn’t hope for this.

Caveat #2: She won’t do it. She’s sitting pretty right now as a highly-paid pseudo-pundit and headline speaker for high fees. A single election loss would likely harm that substantially. Running puts that at risk, and for what? Another public office to resign from?

So you can add this to the “fantastic entertainment we will never see” list, and move along.

2 thoughts on “Oh, Please, Please, Please… (or not)

  1. Ross says:

    Yes. Because polls 16 months out are so predictive…..

  2. Ken Arnold says:

    When the players are well known, early polls can be pretty good. Maybe not on Palin vs. the Republican field, but Palin vs. Begich is probably pretty solid.

    Still, I stick by my “She won’t do it because it means giving up an adoring and rich income stream,” so it’s academic. Well, nothing about Palin is academic, but you know what I mean.

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