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You’ve Got This Hostage Thing Backwards, Man

by Ken Arnold on Mon 19 August 2013

At the risk of aiding the idiots attempting to take over the asylum, permit me to instruct the Republicans in basic hostage taking skills:

If you threaten to kill someone’s child unless they blow something up, you at least have human nature on your side.

Threatening to blow something up unless they kill their own child doesn’t work so well.

This is the most basic reason why threatening to destroy the gov’t and/or economy unless Obama kills Obamacare is going to fail.

“The party of stupid” indeed.

5 thoughts on “You’ve Got This Hostage Thing Backwards, Man

  1. Cory says:

    yeah just calling people idiots is a great way to have a productive conversation.

    • Ken Arnold says:

      Vercotti […] I’ve seen grown men pull their own heads off rather than see Doug. Even Dinsdale was frightened of Doug.

      Interviewer What did he do?

      Vercotti He used … sarcasm. He knew all the tricks, dramatic irony, metaphor, bathos, puns, parody, litotes and satire.

    • Ken Arnold says:

      Less flippantly, I don’t feel that I’m having a conversation with people who literally are willing to blow up the economy to try to prevent millions of people from having health coverage. These particular folks are, in my mind, beyond reasoning. Reasoning has been tried at length, yet they persist in thinking that we will all become un-free because of Obamacare, and they will actually blow up the world economy in an effort to prevent that. How do you reason with that?

      It isn’t the case that everyone is subject to reasonable discussion, and we are not required to refrain from calling a fool a fool. The idea that we can’t say things that might offend people we disagree with breaks at some extremes. Sometimes you do get folks attention by saying harsh things. But more likely, as in this case, you won’t get their attention in any way possible, and so the truth-telling of accurate naming outweighs a false gentility that is really just dishonest euphemism.

      • Cory says:

        reason hasn’t failed just because you gave up on it. either way, though, benefits can only outway downsides if there are benefits, and pointing and shouting “IDIOT!” makes you look childish while gaining nothing, so even if you think the actual individuals in question aren’t capable of reason, the only people who will respect you more and listen to your opinion more because you called someone a name are people who confuse politics with sports, or, to use your vernacular, idiots. name-calling, though it may be effective in the short term at firing up people who agree with you, is ultimately corrosive to the concept of rational debate. maybe you win this fight, but the next time, people will be less willing to come to the table because last time you called them idiots.

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