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Obama’s Other Option

by Ken Arnold on Mon 30 September 2013

I have pointed out that the nation is on the horns of a trilemma about the upcoming debt ceiling vote. Henry Aaron points out that this puts Obama himself on the horns of a separate dilemma (a more ordinary beast, but still uncomfortable). In brief, his argument is this: The Constitution requires the president to […]

The Nation’s Trilemma

by Ken Arnold on Sat 28 September 2013

The Republicans have succeeded in getting us onto the horns of a trilemma. This is quite an achievement: Usually one ends up on the horns a mere dilemma, caught on the two horns of a bull. But the contortions of the Republicans around Obamacare have actually gotten us onto three horns of what must be […]

Bumbling Away from War

by Ken Arnold on Tue 17 September 2013

I’m in favor of the current thrust towards resolving the Syrian chemical weapons problem without war. If the disarmament can be made to work it is far preferable to an uncertain future after we kill more people by remote control in the Middle East. That said, I have to say I was stunned by how […]

Humanity Does Not Totally Suck

by Ken Arnold on Fri 13 September 2013

Tonight I walked out of a restaurant to find a mild rain. Considering I had left the top down on my Miata when I parked it, this wasn’t the best of news. The car is designed to handle some rain because, well, this kind of thing happens. Still, it isn’t a good idea, so I […]

Porn Kills Jobs

by Ken Arnold on Fri 6 September 2013

Actually, it seems like porn killed a lot of this month’s unemployment figures. It goes like this: Porn star tests positive for HIV. Porn film industry pretty much shuts down while they figure out if anyone else was/is infected. At just this moment, the U.S. Labor Dept. is collecting its unemployment statistics. They find a lot […]