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by Ken Arnold on Tue 26 February 2013

This blog is fed by my wide — some might say indiscriminate — interests. Sometimes the broad sweeps beckon, and at other times the most picayune of pedantries. I even stop somewhere between those on occasion.

My background is in computer science, where I have practiced and written for enough years to believe, in my heart of hearts, they were fewer. I am interested in science of many stripes, especially space, anthropology, and linguistics. I have an abiding interest in politics and public policy, in how we can share the same body politic without killing it with organ rejection. And I have an oddly abiding belief in the strange attraction of human kindness, which a partially-completed lifetime of actual experience has yet to completely snuff out.

I take my reality straight, and my humor skewed. I take my scotch with a kiss of water and my cars with the top down. I take my philosophies lightly, my humanity seriously, and my opinions with zest and enough grains of salt to change them.

Please comment on posts. I like feedback from people who think, rather than simply play back pre-recorded tapes. I’ll see you in the comments section!

Ken Arnold

Ken and Elaine

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