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Word of the Day: Tetrachromat

by Ken Arnold on Wed 22 May 2013

You are most likely a trichromat, although dichromats are common enough. But only a few are tetrachromats. How many different kinds of cones in your eyeballs? Most people have three kinds (“tri-“, while colorblind people might have only two (“di-“). But apparently there are some folks who have four — “tetra”. And so they can see […]

More Movie Poster Detail Than You Imagined

by Ken Arnold on Mon 4 March 2013

Ladies, gentlemen, and any other sentient readers, I give to you … The billing block. The billing block is the big wad of text at the bottom of the movie poster that lists, well, honestly, who among us really knows without looking? I can’t remember ever having perused it, except for spoofs of movie posters. I […]