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Supreme Lecture

by Ken Arnold on Mon 1 April 2013

OK, all members of the Supreme Court reading this blog should sit up straight and pay attention right now! (The rest of you, feel free to slouch.) You, Ms. or Mr. Justice, are not politicians. You are not the legislative body. You are not the fashion police for the legislative body when that body puts […]

“I wouldn’t wish that on a dog!”

by Ken Arnold on Tue 26 March 2013

Fun Fact: Early child abuse court cases tried to treat the children as animals. Because it protected the children. Got your attention? You see, before we had laws against child abuse, we had laws against animal abuse. So the lawyers tried to get the courts to think of the children as animals because then they […]

Monday Quote

by Ken Arnold on Mon 25 March 2013

Nobody suffers the pain of birth or the anguish of loving a child in order for presidents to make wars, for governments to feed on the substance of their people, for insurance companies to cheat the young and rob the old. — Lewis H. Lapham

Maybe a Warrentless Search of Your Phone Records Isn’t Legal‽

by Ken Arnold on Sun 17 March 2013

Suppose the FBI wants records of your calls or purchases or whatever. How do suppose they get them? What that you said? They get a search warrant? From a court? How quaint, you’re so cute. I’ll bet you still have a rotary dial phone. The FBI decides to write a letter to the company or library […]

Portman’s Selfish Selflessness

by Ken Arnold on Sat 16 March 2013

A vote is a vote, so it’s nice to have Senator Rob Portman’s support for marriage equality. With that out of the way, let’s get serious about this. Portman managed to understand the pain of marriage discrimination only when faced with it personally, in the form of his gay son. But where was Portman during […]

Solitary Confinement as Good for the Soul?

by Ken Arnold on Mon 11 March 2013

This story by NPR caught my ear: The U.S. uses solitary confinement a lot, and not just to isolate troublesome prisoners. There is a tradition that views it as a healing practice, a good way to allow people time to reflect on their character and future and how to improve them. Really? This is amazingly […]