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Porn Kills Jobs

by Ken Arnold on Fri 6 September 2013

Actually, it seems like porn killed a lot of this month’s unemployment figures. It goes like this: Porn star tests positive for HIV. Porn film industry pretty much shuts down while they figure out if anyone else was/is infected. At just this moment, the U.S. Labor Dept. is collecting its unemployment statistics. They find a lot […]

All Hail the … whatever

by Ken Arnold on Wed 24 July 2013

A morning dose of, well, whatever this is (originally from Jef Poskanzer): This royal womb of kings, this sceptred sac, This home of majesty, this cave of Venus, This other Eden, demi-paradise, This fortress built by Nature for myself Against infection and the outside world, This happy home for me, this little world, This precious […]

Facts are so annoying…

by Ken Arnold on Mon 22 July 2013

Nate Silver has left the New York Times (moving to ESPN and ABC). Considering that he was very accurate in predicting election results, you would think they’d want to keep him, but apparently they aren’t that concerned. It seems that by proving that punditry isn’t very accurate, while analysis of facts is better, he rubbed […]