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Let’s be More Delighted for More People

by Ken Arnold on Mon 3 July 2017

This makes my blood boil: If we can help little #CharlieGard, as per our friends in the U.K. and the Pope, we would be delighted to do so. — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 3, 2017 Imagine the following conversations: “My husband is dying of Black Lung disease and we can’t afford the treatments anymore!” […]

Ain’t Going to the House

by Ken Arnold on Fri 18 March 2016

The House of Representatives will not pick the next president. This idea is making the rounds because various fools some are being foolish. And ignorant. But the hyperventilating has got some folks worried. Do not worry about it. This will not actually happen. The idea (in short) is this: The Republican establishment backs a third-party against […]

Obama’s Predictably Weak Pick

by Ken Arnold on Thu 17 March 2016

You would think after more than seven years of non-stop rejection and hostility from Republicans, Obama would have realized that his reasonableness and willingness to compromise are noble but pointless. I really thought he had finally learned the lesson. But he went back to old, weak form with his pick for the Supreme Court. I have […]

Maine Constitution Prohibits Printing of Maine Constitution

by Ken Arnold on Thu 4 June 2015

Parts of it anyway. Including, it just so happens, the parts that cover its obligations to Native American tribes and their treaties. In 1875, Maine amended it’s constitution, adding Article X, Section 7, which prohibited printing Article X, Sections 1, 2, and 5. They would still be in effect, don’t worry, but we no longer […]

Pre-Reagan Tax Rates?

by Ken Arnold on Mon 27 January 2014

According to this report, tax rates on the top earners have rebounded to pre-Reagan rates. This is surprising to me. It’s also good. We’ve been making the tax system more and more regressive so long. It’s long since time we moved back to a more progressive tax system, where those who can afford it, and […]

Obama’s Other Option

by Ken Arnold on Mon 30 September 2013

I have pointed out that the nation is on the horns of a trilemma about the upcoming debt ceiling vote. Henry Aaron points out that this puts Obama himself on the horns of a separate dilemma (a more ordinary beast, but still uncomfortable). In brief, his argument is this: The Constitution requires the president to […]

The Nation’s Trilemma

by Ken Arnold on Sat 28 September 2013

The Republicans have succeeded in getting us onto the horns of a trilemma. This is quite an achievement: Usually one ends up on the horns a mere dilemma, caught on the two horns of a bull. But the contortions of the Republicans around Obamacare have actually gotten us onto three horns of what must be […]

You’ve Got This Hostage Thing Backwards, Man

by Ken Arnold on Mon 19 August 2013

At the risk of aiding the idiots attempting to take over the asylum, permit me to instruct the Republicans in basic hostage taking skills: If you threaten to kill someone’s child unless they blow something up, you at least have human nature on your side. Threatening to blow something up unless they kill their own […]

Oh, Please, Please, Please… (or not)

by Ken Arnold on Tue 30 July 2013

Two interesting facts about the upcoming Senate race in Alaska: Former half-term governor Sarah Palin leads the Republican primary field Former half-term governor Sarah Palin trails the Democratic incumbent for the final race. So here’s a best case scenario: Palin runs, wins the primary, loses the general election. This means that we hold on to […]

Facts are so annoying…

by Ken Arnold on Mon 22 July 2013

Nate Silver has left the New York Times (moving to ESPN and ABC). Considering that he was very accurate in predicting election results, you would think they’d want to keep him, but apparently they aren’t that concerned. It seems that by proving that punditry isn’t very accurate, while analysis of facts is better, he rubbed […]