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Supreme Lecture

by Ken Arnold on Mon 1 April 2013

OK, all members of the Supreme Court reading this blog should sit up straight and pay attention right now! (The rest of you, feel free to slouch.) You, Ms. or Mr. Justice, are not politicians. You are not the legislative body. You are not the fashion police for the legislative body when that body puts […]

Friday Quote

by Ken Arnold on Fri 29 March 2013

Our nomination for All-Time Champion and Protector of Youthful Morals goes to Representative Clare E. Hoffman of Michigan. During an impassioned House debate over a proposed bill to “expand oyster and clam research,” a sharp-eared informant transcribed the following exchange between our hero and Rep. John D. Dingell, also of Michigan. DINGELL: There are places in the world at […]

The Iraq War and the Supportive Left

by Ken Arnold on Wed 20 March 2013

As thoughts go on the anniversary of the Iraq war, Charlie Pierce does well. It is as important to remember those on the left who supported the war, as well as those on the right. Mostly they espoused idealized versions of what the war might do, but these were fairy tales: That the war might, […]

Maybe a Warrentless Search of Your Phone Records Isn’t Legal‽

by Ken Arnold on Sun 17 March 2013

Suppose the FBI wants records of your calls or purchases or whatever. How do suppose they get them? What that you said? They get a search warrant? From a court? How quaint, you’re so cute. I’ll bet you still have a rotary dial phone. The FBI decides to write a letter to the company or library […]

Portman’s Selfish Selflessness

by Ken Arnold on Sat 16 March 2013

A vote is a vote, so it’s nice to have Senator Rob Portman’s support for marriage equality. With that out of the way, let’s get serious about this. Portman managed to understand the pain of marriage discrimination only when faced with it personally, in the form of his gay son. But where was Portman during […]